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Reservists' Rights

You don't have to sacrifice your rights when you're fighting for ours

Our volunteer citizen soldiers make a commitment to our country and our freedom. Unfortunately, many reservists return home to find that they have lost their employment, been sued, or have suffered some other legal detriment in their absence.  Thankfully, there are numerous legal protections afforded to reservists, and we at Haberer Law will utilize all the tools at our disposal to ensure that your rights are protected while you're serving ours. 

The first step to protecting your rights is to call us to set up a free consultation, or contact us with your information so we can reach out to you and discuss your needs.  We will be with you every step of the way, and you'll always have control over the course of action we take.  We understand there's more to your case than a final result - we want to make sure your representation reflects your values and personal needs, so you can obtain a result that gives you the fullest satifsfaction.

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